What We Can Do To Protect Ourselves

What can we do to protect ourselves from EVERSOURCE spraying?

1 – Close all windows in homes and cars, relocate sensitive persons, keep kids & pets off of power lines until after many strong rains, leave shoes outside for they will bring in chemical toxins that linger in your carpets and rugs for years, bring in all toys/furniture prior to spraying, do not grow edibles near power lines.
2 – Stake your Well and label it clearly so it is visible. EVERSOURCE’s applicators cannot spray within 100 feet from public wells, and 50 feet within private wells.
3 – Remove or eliminate trees and shrubs from the power lines that abut your land and ask your neighbors to do the same. The less amounts of trees for them to target, the less spray they use.
4 – Please document what you see: take photos or a quick video to prove clearly any violations. Write down date, time, and note the weather, how many applicators, was there an over seer, etc.?
5 – Take follow-up photos 4 times a year or more to show what land looks like through seasons.
6 – Advocate the Precautionary Principal considering we don’t know the harm herbicides will do

What is considered a violation to EVERSOURCE’s YOP 2016:

1 – Weather: The wind must not be more than 10 MPH or less than 3MPH or it is illegal.
2 – The label is the law, so on the bag of Krenite it states no persons can be within 100 feet of applicator. IF they do not stop, this is a violation of the YOP and you can write Bill Hayes.
3 – They must not spray 100 feet within your public well and 50 feet or less from a private well.
4 – They must abide by the sensitive areas list within your town or they will be in violation.
5 – It is illegal for applicators to spray any vegetation taller than 12 feet, that’s why they clear-cut in preparation for herbicidal applications.
6 – Violations should be written out to William Hayes, see below*. Document a paper trail.

*Any questions about procedures:
MDAR, Michael McClean director of rights-of-way programs Call: 1.617.626.1781 ~
*Any questions about comments regarding the YOP: William Hayes, EVERSOURCE senior arborist — Call: 1.781.441.3932 ~ Send Comments to: One NStar Way, SE-370 Westwood, MA 02090-9230

It is the greatest mistake for all of us is to do nothing!
Report what you see to your Town Health Dept and also to poccacapecod@gmail.com.
We continue to educate EVERSOURCE, MDAR and DEP from abutters to BOS, yet they spray on.

*Why can’t we have electricity without poisoning our drinking water?
Are we going to allow corporate behavior to undermine the web of life on Cape Cod?
Our health, our environment and our finances are at stake. Get involved. You live here.

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Laura Kelley 774.353.6511 poccacapecod@gmail.com
Thank you for getting involved in this important matter to help protect drinking water!


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