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GMO and Glyphosate Resources
A partial list by Moms Across America to support you in finding out more and staying healthy.
Studies, Papers, Reports and Articles:


GMO Data Sheet

Pathology reports on the first cows fed with Bt176 maize (1997–2002) – Gottfried Glöckner and Gilles-Éric Séralini
New Study on Goats fed GMO soy: Mothers had less protein in milk and kids were smaller.
GMO fed Rats 30, 60 and 90 days from Turkish Journal of Biology – “Biological impact of feeding rats with a genetically modified-based diet”
University of Washington-Protein and Gene Double Meaning Study
Dr.Judy Carman’s and Farmer Howard Vlieger’s Pig Study on GMO Feed
Scientist Turns Anti GMO
Compositional Differences of GMO Soybeans and Non GMO Soybeans
Dr. Huber 50 Year Plant Pathologist on GMOs and Glyphosate
Schools Go Organic: Science Supports Growing Movement
COVVHA 100 Scientific Study Links on the Health Risks of GMOsRodale Institute –GMO Myths Busted

GMO Resources
NON GMO Shopping Guide
GMO Free Dining

Global GMO news sites The most groundbreaking news over 1800 studies and papers showing harm from GMOs and related pesticides 330 page GMO Myths and Facts resource
Organic Versus Non Organic 2014 Study
Melanoma research gathers momentum

Glyphosate in Wine Report
Seralini:Co-formulants of glyphosate herbicides are endocrine disruptors
Is there a link between autism and glyphosate-formulated herbicides?
New Paper by Samsel and Seneff Showing Glyphosate and Cancer Causing Properties Known By EPA since 1983
Seralini’s study on Roundup and Rats: Liver and Kidney Damage and Tumors
Toxins Causing 6th Mass Extinction of Life by Rosemary Mason
Glyphosate Found Toxic at Levels Below Allowable Daily Intake Deemed Safe by EPA
Glyphosate Causes Neurotoxicity “American Mind Melt” in rats
Roundup Causes Liver and Brain Impairment in fish
Glyphosate Samsel and Seneff ( MIT) Paper II on Celiac’s Disease and Gluten Intolerance
Glyphosate Induces Breast Cancer Cell Growth
A critical review of glyphosate findings in human urine (Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety)
Glyphosate causes antibiotic resistance
World Health Organization of UN declares glyphosate “probable carcinogen”
Glyphosate kills human placental cells which can lead to endocrine disruption ( fetal death and deformity)
Glyphosate Persistence in Sea Water
Glyphosate Fact Sheet Journal of Pesticide Reform
Glyphosate, Pig Feed and Miscarriages Study , Kruger, Pedersen etc
Carrasco Teratogenic Effects Glyphosate of Glyphosate on Vertabrates (Deformities)
Dr.Nancy Swanson’s charts on Glyphosate and organ damage
Effects of Glyphosate on Food Bacteria
Glyphosate Damage on Human and Embryonic and Placenta Cells
Effects of Glyphosate on Beneficial Chicken Gut Bacteria
Mice with Autism Symptoms Decreased with Probiotics
Samsel and Dr. Seneff ( MIT) Paper I- on Glyphosate and Modern Disease
EPA increase of glyphosate residues on food crops 2013
Biological Psychiatry: Depression and Glyphosate
Dr. Thongprakaisang: Glyphosate Induces Growth in Human Breast Cancer CellsGlyphosate: Destructor of Human Health with Swanson Charts
Glyphosate harm to testes
Glyphosate and the Impact on Earthworms
Majewski Glyphosate in Rainwater and Air
EPA List of Allowed Levels of Glyphosate on 160 Food Crops
Proposed collateral Damage of Glyphosate presented to the EPA May 27, 2014
Sources for Stats and Data used in Zen’s Talks/ Monsanto Shareholder Meeting
Glyphosate (Roundup) and other Pesticides sprayed on GMOs
USA Agricultural System UnHealthy-New Report
Seralini Republished Study of Roundup on Rats (the only study on Roundup not just glyphosate)
“Inerts” make Glyphosate 1000X More Toxic
2nd Study on Toxic (untested by EPA) Adjuvants ( other chemicals in Roundup)
Detection of Glyphosate in Animals and Humans
Mental Illness in America
USA Highest Infant Mortality Rate in Industrialized World
The Increased Use of Pesticides 13 year report
16 year Pesticides Report Charles Benbrook
The Chemical Pandemic Philippe Grandjean,Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Philip Landrigan, Dean for Global Health at Mount Sinai published online Saturday in Lancet Neurology.
Compositional Differences of GMO Soybeans and Non GMO Soybeans
Death of Bees
Scientist Attacked for Exposing Pesticide Harm
Video Links
How Glyphosate is linked to Gut-Brain Harm with Dr. Buckley
Anthony Samsel on the Effects of Glyphosate Part 1
Anthony Samsel on the Effects of Glyphosate Part 2
Anthony Samsel on Glyphosate and Unsafe Meat and Potatoes
CNN Interview- Behind the scenes with Zen Honeycutt
Glyphosate Studies Submitted to EPA for Re Approval

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