Laura Kelley on LCTV

A New Program Series from LCTV — Laura Kelley Goes Local

Laura Kelley – Littlefield Farm Tour

In this video the mission of Littlefield Landscapes proves we can grow food, flowers and lawns without chemicals. Laura Kelley walks through many unique perennial gardens then enters inside honeybee hives explaining their importance on Earth. There are non-toxic recipes given and you learn how to build up your land so it can sustain itself. “Living above an aquifer here on Cape Cod we have a great responsibility to protect our natural resources, and with every purchase we can. It’s up to us to become less toxic every day to help honeybees stay alive. Enjoy the beauty shown on this unique sanctuary and care about a world you can not see, I do.” Laura Kelley


Laura Kelley spotlights the Sunbird in Orleans

The Sunbird is a unique restaurant that started as a food truck, and built a strong following using high quality fresh, local and organic foods. Learn about how Sunbird started and what their mission is and meet Jamie Sparrow the co-founder and lover of local food!


Laura Kelley visits Great Cape Herbs in Brewster, MA

An informative interview with Stephen Brown, herbalist and owner of Great Cape Herbs. Learn about the processes that go into making sustainable herbal medicines.


Laura Kelley Attends the Opening of the Latham Center Art Show

Interviews with administration, organizers and young artists from the Latham School in Brewster. See some of this wonderful exhibit, learn more about Latham Center schools and adult programs, and hear the children talk about their art.




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