POCCA TV – Program 26 – Barnstable County Bill of Rights

A dozen Cape Cod citizens took the time to envision future issues regarding health and environment and created a document called the Barnstable County Bill of Rights.
Here the Bill of Rights is presented and discussed at the Assembly of Delegates meeting, March 16, 2016


POCCA TV – Program 25 – Fall Updates on Eversource

Click HERE to watch on YouTube

Cape Cod land-owners whose properties are abutting the rights-of-way where Eversource, the electrical utility company, sprays herbicides to control vegetation along power lines, are invited to join a lawsuit brought by POCCA Cape Cod and three individuals who are abutters, The People Vs. Eversource. Laura Kelley, Director of POCCA Cape Cod, explains “easements”, and how MDAR decisions impact what is happening with Eversource, the decisions handed down by the court in this legal action, and what people can do to help stop Eversource’s herbicidal programs on Cape Cod.



MDAR approved Eversource’s YOP to spray herbicides in #13 Cape towns starting September 1 through December 31, 2015. One of the herbicides, Garlon 4, kills oysters on contact. There are other successful solutions to consider above our aquifer. ~ Please share for a greater outreach, power in numbers will prevail. We are in need of a pro-bono lawyer. Legally they can not spray within 100 feet of a person. Help protect the land we all love.


POCCA TV – Program 23 – The Food Fight of Our Lives

On May 23, 2015 over 400 cities around the world gathered to march against Monsanto.  We are in the biggest food fight of our lives.  Why?
Monsanto is a chemical company, the producer of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), DDT, Agent Orange, Aspartame, PCB’s, rGBH, Dioxin, Saccharin, atom bomb, etc.  GMO’s are manipulated combinations, like adding fish into tomatoes, that can withstand large amounts of herbicides, and have not been proven safe for humans or animals. Currently there are #12 Roundup soaked, GMO foods:  soy, corn, sugar beet, cotton, canola, alfalfa, papaya, summer squash, zucchini, potatoes and now apples have been approved.  Many of these are in most of the foods we eat.  Monsanto also produces Roundup, an herbicide with the active ingredient Glyphosate which is a probable human carcinogen.  Monsanto is making us sick. We need to keep Monsanto out of our bodies!


POCCA TV – Program 22 – Orleans Farmer’s Market May 2015

On Cape Cod at the outdoor Orleans Farmers Market, we are fortunate to have so many quality local edible growers and crafters who bring us a wide variety of goodies to share. There are up to 40 venders every Saturday 8am to noon sharing seasonally fresh cut vegetables, non-toxic perennials and edibles, sweet fruits, wine, ice cream, honey, baked goods, healthy snacks, salts, soups, beef, pork and chicken, all locally grown!  There is live music so come weekly, stock up on the most nutritious foods possible, bring your kids and dogs, they’ll love the Orleans Farmers Market too!


POCCA TV – Program 21 – Chequessett Chocolate

Laura Kelley visits the Chequessett Chocolate Factory and Cafe in North Truro to see how this Cape couple creates high quality chocolate from bean to bar for us to enjoy. An inside tour shares how this chocolate is made with much loving detail.


POCCA TV – Program 20 – Updates and Spring Cleaning

Laura Kelley sits down to give us an update on the ROW spraying and also has lots of tips now that spring has sprung. Included is all natural plant and pest repellents, organic gardening, and more.


POCCA TV – Program 19 – Sec. 208 Wastewater

Laura Kelley, director of POCCA, attends the One Cape Summit on the subject of Wastewater Management. Section 208 Wastewater Management is discussed in interviews with attendees and organizers.


POCCA TV – Program 18 – A Taste of Health

Laura Kelley visits The Green Lotus, a unique vegetarian restaurant on Main Street in Hyannis, and interviews owner Nate Fanara. The Green Lotus features high quality organic, local and in-house made from scratch original, creative, and delicious menu choices, geared toward healthy eating as well as “green” awareness.


Boston Globe News

Cape Cod residents are still concerned about possible contaminates even though NSTAR resumed spraying herbicides along the right of way in 2013. Boston Globe video production interviews Laura Kelley of POCCA.



POCCA TV – Program 17 – Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting

At the Nauset Regional Middle School Greenhouse ribbon cutting ceremony, Laura Kelley, Director of POCCA, visits the greenhouse learning laboratory, where students will research and experience hands-on activities that teach them to grow their own vegetables and flowers using sustainable methods while learning entrepreneurship in marketing their produce.


LCTV – The Orleans Winter Farmer’s Market, with Laura Kelley

Laura takes a tour of the Orleans Winter Farmer’s Market, and introduces us to local farmers using sustainable farming methods, and people creating new all natural and organic products with a vision, including vegan baked goods, gmo-free foods, healthy alternatives to sugar, and gluten-free preservative-free clam chowder! Purchase freshly grown meats on Cape Cod:  chicken from Truro, cow from Dennis and pig from Barnstable.

Orleans Winter Farmers Market is every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 9am to noon.
Come early to get the best choices of freshly grown greens and meats!


Program 16 – James Kane Interviews Laura Kelley

James Kane interviews Laura Kelley, Director of POCCA on the subject of recent NSTAR’s recent spraying, the incidents where the spraying did not conform to the guidelines, and the discussions that continue. Laura Kelley believes if a town doesn’t want NSTAR spraying, NSTAR shouldn’t spray.


Program 15 – Utility’s Response

MDAR and NSTAR speak at the Harwich Board of Selectmen’s meeting regarding regulations and test results taken three weeks after the fact at Sea Horse Farm, where the horses, their water, their feed, and their owner were directly exposed to the toxic spraying.


Program 14 – Community vs. Utility

Laura sat in on the Harwich Selectmen again, to listen to the community’s issues with the spraying being done on ROWs. There is a special spotlight on Sea Horse Farm in Harwich, where owner Clare Bergh shows the rash that broke out hours after spraying was done around the farm. Also speaking were State Senator Dan Wolf and State Representative Sarah Peake, both of whom call for answers from NSTAR and MDAR.


Program 13 – The Reality of Herbicidal Spraying on Cape Cod

Special edition of POCCA TV with Laura Kelley, meeting with the Harwich Board of Selectmen, and interviewing Claire Bergh from SeaHorse Farm in Harwich, whose body, land and animals were directly affected by NSTAR spraying.


Program 12 – HoneyBees and Pollination

Host of POCCA Cape Cod TV, Laura Kelley shares about Honeybees. This video by LCTV brings you to Littlefield Farm in North Eastham where you’ll see inside a hive, learn more about their life cycle and how we all can help Honeybees be more comfortable in the environment today. Honeybees are the most aggressive pollinators we have on Earth, they are linked to our food source. Honeybees are the canaries in the coal mine – what they are going through so are we. We must care about a world we can not see! You can improve their lives with every purchase you make. Enjoy the extraordinary photos and fall in love with these fuzzy little creatures!


Program 11-Community Efforts Without Chemicals Along ROWs
Hello fellow Cape Codders ~
WHAT DO YOU PREFER for vegetation management along power lines?

1.Cape citizens are concerned NSTAR’s use of herbicides may be harmful, so we prove in this video there are alternative methods for controlling vegetation along power lines by going out and pruning.

POCCA Cape Cod Director Laura Kelley connects with Matt Cannon, Land Stewardship Coordinator at Harwich Conservation Trust (HCT) to dissuade NSTAR from using herbicidal treatments along Rights-of-Ways (ROW) on Cape Cod. HCT organized volunteers this summer to prune vegetation on conservation and water department land (Zone 2 groundwater recharge area) in East Harwich. Water that percolates into ground is drawn by wells and pumped for public consumption.

2. View this 3 minute video of NSTAR spraying on Cape Cod 2013

Power in numbers and persistence will prevail.
Please share this email for a greater outreach.
It is up to us to protect the land we all love.
Thank you for caring enough about this important issue to do something about it.


Program 10—Farmers’ Markets on Cape Cod
Exploring local food options: farmers markets and the farmers that grow for them. Connect to your food and know your farmer. Healthy soil=healthy plants=healthy people!


Program 9—Growing Local with Nantucket Mushrooms
In this episode of POCCA (Protect Our Cape Cod Aquifer) TV show, host Laura Kelley introduces us to mycologist Wesley Price, co-owner of Nantucket Mushrooms LLC. Wesley and his business partner, mycologist Todd Leftwich, are specialists at cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms. They also hold classes and workshops at their farm, which is located in South Chatham, to help educate the community about the importance of fungi in the ecological web of life. Did you know mushrooms are good for more than just food? Fungi are the great nutrient recyclers in the environment and are one of nature’s best kept secrets when it comes to building soil. Fungi produce enzymes which are capable of decomposing fertilizers, pesticides and plastics. All edible mushrooms also can be considered medicinal and may be helpful in our daily lives.


Program 8—The Dangers of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant
Host Laura Kelley and guest Doug Long are both members of Cape Downwinders (capedownwinders.org). Doug is a long time activist promoting the health and safety of residents and visitors to Cape Cod and the Islands by doing his part to shut down the dangerous Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Mass. If Pilgrim closes, people’s lights will NOT go out, there is enough energy in the New England grid. If Pilgrim has an accident releasing a radioactive plume toward the Cape and Islands, Cape Codders are asked to shelter in place, for there is NO evacuation plan for Cape Cod and the Islands and the bridges will be closed. This does not make us feel safe at all, so we are creating a large outreach to educate with facts about the threat Pilgrim has upon all of New England.


Program 7—Wastewater Technologies
POCCA Cape Cod TV show host, Laura Kelley speaks with guest Scott Horsley about the Cape Cod Commission’s 208 Wastewater Quality Plan. Concentrations of nitrogen are becoming excessive in Cape Cod’s drinking and salt waters due to storm water run-off, fertilizers and human wastewater. This show discusses solutions and technologies.

Please share ~ This county-wide plan will be introduced to all Boards of Selectmen and townspeople soon. Become part of the process and share constructive comments by clicking on ‘208 water quality plan’ at top of page: www.capecodcommisison.org ~ Thank you for caring enough about Cape Cod to do something about it. If you drink water or chit here, it’s time to get involved!


Program 6—Pharmaceuticals: Lessening Effects On Our Aquifer
LCTV presents POCCA Cape Cod: host Laura Kelley with guest Corrine Brandi discuss lessening the impact of pharmaceutical drugs on our Cape Cod aquifer. This show is about learning how to adopt a way to balance your health. Find out about the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Learn lifestyle tips to improve the quality of health. When blood flows everything gets better. As is the inside so is the outside: The fluids of our insides are connected to the fluids of the Earth.


Program 5—Natural Pest Control
Ticks and mosquitoes spread disease and discomfort, so protection is essential. However, common solutions involve harsh chemicals that can harm humans, animals, and the environment. Pure Solutions provides organic tick and mosquito control to homes and businesses on Cape Cod and beyond as a safe and effective alternative to commonly used pesticides.


Program 4—Drinking Water Quality
POCCA Cape Cod TV show with guest Lisa Gledhill: Drinking Water Quality

What kind of water do you drink?
Laura Kelley, host of POCCA TV with guest Lisa Glehill explain with demonstrations the pH levels in bottled waters -vs- tap water, how to create ionized, alkaline, high antioxident drinking water from your water source.
Learn how to neutralize acidity to detoxify. You’ll love the effects your water source can have on the health of your family, pets and environment.

Program 3—The International Oyster Symposium
POCCA Cape Cod’s TV presents Kahren Dowcett, Organizing Director of the International Oyster Symposium 6 and N/S American Chapter Director of the World Oyster Society.
What an honor it is to have the 6th International Oyster Symposium of the World Oyster Society held on Cape Cod, October 21 – 23, 2015 during Oyster Week. This three day conference for science and industry held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the Sea Crest Hotel will bring the world’s focus on oysters to Cape Cod! International and local speakers will present valuable information during the day and enjoy the gastronomic and cultural delights of Cape Cod Oyster Week during the evening.


Program 2—Close Pilgrim Now
POCCA Cape Cod TV with Diane Turco: Close Pilgrim Now!

There is no escape from the Cape. Why not remove the threat rather than the people? Close Pilgrim NOW, It is too risky to keep open. In the event of radioactive plume hit Cape Codders will be told to ‘shelter in place’ with the State knowing that there is only 10% protection in your home and 40% protection in your basement for 2 hours. THAT is not protection. We would not be able to return to our homes for decades. THAT is unacceptable NRC!


Program 1—Water Defense
Laura Kelley hosts POCCA at Lower Cape TV, channel 99 on Cape Cod, with scientist and inventor Scott Smith, to discuss what Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo’s Water Defense organization is accomplishing on Cape Cod with regard to diagnosing problems with the drinking water, and working closely with Cape Cod Community College and reaching beyond to educate people on the issues about the present state and future sustainability of Cape Cod’s potable water.



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