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Stop herbicide spraying along power lines on Cape Cod by Eversource
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Supporter Comments

I spent four years fighting this, as the founder of Concerned Citizens Against Herbicide Use on Cape Cod. The science is clear, and all towns on the Cape signed on to stop it. Yet seven years later, here we are. Our government and utility providers need to do their job and protect us from substances proven to cause health problems in humans and the environment, especially when viable safe alternatives exist. Do what is right, and what the people demand.
— Jared Collins, Eastham, MA 9/5/16

Do not spray toxic chemicals anywhere on Cape Cod. I will not let you poison either myself or my children and grandchildren.
— steve brown, brewster, MA 9/5/16

I feel strongly we need to protect our Cape Cod single aquifer
— Denise Atwood, South Dennis, MA 9/5/16

I object to the use of herbicides to control vegetation on power line right of way. Vegetation control should be managed with non-chemical means.
— Jeffrey Eagles, Orleans, MA 9/5/16

it is imperative that we stop this now!
— Bonnie Engelhardt, Stoughton, MA 9/5/16

I oppose use of herbicides to control vegetation in and along power line rights-of way on Cape Cod. Mechanical means have been sufficient in the past.
— John Grant, Orleans, MA 9/5/16

The environmental damage that is being done to our planet by herbicides and rodenticides must stop!!
— bonnie sollog, north truro, MA 9/5/16

how is it ever a good thing to put chemicals in to the ground, it’s a senseless act! Clean potable water should be protected at all costs, a wise investment.
— Mark Giarrusso, Quincy, MA 9/5/16

Companies need to listen to the people that live here. There are options.
— Christopher Laws, South Dennis, MA 9/5/16

I’m allergic to poison.
— James ludwig Ludwig, Eastham, MA 9/5/16

It doesn’t make sense for Eversource or anyone else to poison us.
— John Nichols, East Orleans, MA 9/5/16

As a breast cancer survivor, I am careful about what I eat and drink. I cannot afford to have pesticides introduced into our single-source aquifer, my source of drinking water, if I want to remain healthy.
— Betsy Smith, Brewster, MA 9/5/16

Chemicals that will leach into our sole source aquifer are an unacceptable method of controlling vegetation.
— Sheila Garry, Eastham, MA 9/4/16

I’m tired of Eversource polluting our lands and wells.
— Judith Whitney-Terry, Orleans, MA 9/4/16

I believe in decreasing the use of pesticides nation wide. I value our natura habitat & clean drinking water.
— Holly Harrington, South Dennis, MA 9/4/16

Thank you Laura Kelly, founder of POCCA
— Celine Federici, Cape Cod, MA 9/3/16

I’m signing because nature is perfect the way it is. A self balancing system. However, the more that humans try to “innovate” the more we throw off that balance, which in the end will be a detriment to the entire ecosystem as well as ourselves.
— Michael Meyer, Yarmouth Port, MA 9/3/16

I vacation on Cape Cod and treasure the delicate Ecosystem-environmental balance that created such a rare and beautiful place. It’s rivers and streams as well as the oceanic and bay waters that term with aquatic life are integral to and inseparable from the lands. Chemical herbicides impact the whole environment, not just the plant life. Please revert to trimming, pruning, and, where necessary, felling to protect your lines. Partner with bio-fuel companies for removal and recycling of whatever you cut. Think outside the box to create new jobs in your and other industries. Thank you!
— Kristie Rubendunst, Guilford, CT 9/2/16

The water supply is important!
— Barbara White, Dennis, MA 9/2/16

I’m signing because i’ve moved to Cape Cod and I want to preserve our clean water. Eversource needs to respect the local environment. There are other methods available to protect their power lines which don’t endanger our crucial natural resources.
— sharon topper, ny, NY 9/2/16

I am an abutter to the power lines. Our deed states remove trees, brush etc. not spray. It’s not right!! Protect our water everywhere!!
— Claudia Michaelis, Oakville, CT 9/2/16

Please do not mess with our only water supply. There are safe alternatives. Be stewards of the land.
— Vincent Currier, Provincetown, MA 9/1/16

I love Cape Cod and want to keep it healthy for all.
— Donna Chapin, Topanga, CA 9/1/16

My mother lives in Cape Cod. I am already disabled from chemical exposure. I don’t want her to be, and I don’t want to get sicker.
— Jacqueline Peters, Brooklyn, NY 9/1/16

Goats would even be a far superior solution than what Eversource is proposing…a no brainer!
— Aileen L’Etoile, North Attleboro, MA 8/28/16

Round up lasts a long time
— Bart Main, Centerville, MA 8/27/16

I am signing because I care about protecting the lives of all who live on Cape Cod from harmful herbicides in the water.
— Donna Buonopane, Dennis, MA 8/27/16

As a breast cancer survivor, anything that potentially threatens my health is of great concern to me. Please do not put possible carcinogens into our single source aquifer. Goats will do an excellent job of keeping vegetation in check. There are several people on the Cape who rent out their goats for precisely this purpose. Please consider using them as an alternative to spraying.
— Betsy Smith, Brewster, MA 8/27/16

I like clean water.
— Peter Fogg, Eastham, MA 8/27/16

The health and safety of our beloved Cape Cod is at stake! Eversource can PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE to the rest of the country by acting responsibly.
— Judy Weiss, Australia 8/25/16

I want to prevent the pollution of the Cape Cod sole source aquifer.
— Alexandra Grabbe, Wellfleet, MA 8/22/16

I want Eversource to do the right thing, and quit poisoning the Cape.
— Rowland Scherman, Orleans, MA 8/22/16

Its the right thing to do!!!
— James Hild, Newtown, PA 8/22/16

current scientific studies show the chemicals in herbicides being used in spray over the Cape’s land and water source, are dangerous to all living things.
— katherine bloom, Barnstable, MA 8/16/16