URGENT:  NSTAR sprays Tuesday Nov. 19th

URGENT:   NSTAR plans to spray herbicides Tuesday Nov. 19th somewhere from Orleans to the Cape Cod Canal.

The Biggest Concerns about NSTAR spraying herbicides:
1. The toxins which NSTAR sprays are mutagenic (potential to cause cancers) and endocrine disruptors.  For instance, Glyphosate is in RoundUp and is called a contraceptive because it creates infertility, especially sperm cells in men,  according to many researchers including www.gmoseralini.org. The inert substances in Round-Up have also been found to harmful to human health. 

2. While the state of Massachusetts has tested some of the individual toxins, it has not tested the synergistic effects of the mix of herbicides. We don’t understand the effects of mixing herbicides together, other than the potential to increase harm.

3. The State of Massachusetts relies on studies of the herbicides that are over 30 years old, some from the manufacturer itself. This is bad science.

4. Cape Cod has a sole source aquifer which may be vulnerable to these toxins. What goes down will come up, into our drinking water. The State of Massachusetts has no testing of any mixture of NSTAR’s proposed herbicides tested specifically on sandy soil, like Cape Cod’s sand bar.

5. NSTAR will be diluting the herbicide mixture with water, so where is NSTAR’s contracted help going to fill up the chemical-carrying truck with water?  There is no regulation stating they can not use water from town fire hydrants so if they do, there is a chance of backwash, getting herbicides directly into our drinking water.  

6. Where is NSTAR going to wash out their toxic trucks? There is no regulation stating they must use a toxic waste area/zone. What agency is monitoring and controlling this?

7. NSTAR should have mapped all wells and wetlands, but their mapping of wells may not be accurate. Has anyone from NSTAR put up stakes 50 feet from private wells and 100 feet from public wells?  Is there an overseer present?

8. It is illegal for NSTAR to spray herbicides if the wind is less than 3 MPH and no more than 10 MPH. Who is monitoring them?

9. It is illegal for NSTAR to spray any tree or bush taller than 12 feet. Again, shouldn’t this be monitored?

10. The label is the law!  NSTAR will be using Krenite and on the label is says no person can be closer than 100 feet to the applicator/sprayer. Is the Health Department of each town monitoring them?

11. Some of the herbicides NSTAR plans are not allowed on local shelves. No homeowner can purchase 3 of the 5 herbicides, they are only allowed to be used by a licensed applicator. That means there are some herbicides never used on Cape Cod soil before and we will be the guinea pigs having to live with the health consequences. How does that make you feel?

12. The State of Massachusetts does not test for human health.

13. The Precautionary Principal must be introduced in this matter immediately, considering we just don’t understand the reactions for NSTAR’s actions on a cellular level of plants, animals or humans.

Want more information?  www.poccacapecod.org
Have questions?  poccacapecod@gmail.com

It is up to us to protect our home, Cape Cod.
Please keep a watchful eye and report the location of applicators to POCCA asap.

Laura Kelley, Director
POCCA Cape Cod.org


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