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Letters from Citizens and Residents

Dr. Brian O’Malley wrote:

      “I write to go on record as a year-round resident of Barnstable County, opposed to Eversource’s proposed use of herbicides to maintain its power line rights of way. I speak with the experience of 35 years’ practice in primary care internal medicine in Provincetown, 11 years’ involvement as a director of Cape Cod Healthcare, and three years as a current member of its Community Health Committee. Water is the basis of all life. The search for life on Mars is focused on evidence of water. The physiology — the functioning — of all living cells is built around water. Pouring multiple poisons into the single-source aquifer from which we all drink our water is insanity! This was the unambiguous message from the votes of every one of the 15 town meetings on the Cape this year. Find another solution to the weeds along the power lines.”
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Paine Letter to State re Eversource spraying
an email letter from Brewster resident Dana Dunbar:

Hello, my name is Dana Dunbar, and I am sending this email today because I live on Cape Cod in Brewster MA, and am against having our utility companies spray chemicals to kill overgrowth of plants. And I would like to ask you to vote against the use of the chemicals to deter, kill and control plant growth under our power lines and wherever the power companies need to reduce plant growth.

Practical sense dictates that chemicals in our earth means there will be chemicals in our water sources – and that people, animals, plants, birds and insects are also affected by spraying.

In the town that I live in, daily use chemicals from cleaning agents have leached into in our own town water sources in Brewster, and are held in the ground, seeping into our ponds every year.- and have been pointed to by our pond studies as a major factor in creating the over-greening of our ponds, and pond water pollution and die offs. Even if we end the use of these particular chemicals they will still be in the ground for years to come.

What exactly do the chemicals sprayed by our power companies do to human health, animal and plant life, and to our ponds? No one really knows what the long term affects will be. But we can guess that there are actual ramifications, and that the earth does not just absorb the toxic matter and get rid of it.

Practical sense says that there are immediate and also long term toxic affects of wide spread spraying.

And that people who are the most vulnerable will be the ones to be most affected. These chemicals used can affect and can create allergic reactions, in the same way that food that has been improperly grown and fed with synthetic chemical based fertilizers can undermine our immune systems – a result which we are seeing today in exponential numbers, starting with our children who have food allergies.

If you are interested in supporting the long term health and well being of the people of Massachusetts, then tell the power companies to find another way.

And if you are interested in protecting our wildlife – and the various migrations of birds – then you will find another way.

And if you are interested in supporting the long term viability of jobs, dependent on the ability to attract tourists and land and home buyers to Cape Cod, then you will tell them to find another way.

There is also the matter of who is going to be responsible for our lack of foresight with respect to the widespread use of chemical spraying.

In time I think we are going to see something here that is the equivalent of DDT. And who is going to be responsible when the studies come out that our power companies have been slowly poisoning us and that it has been the practice of our government to support chemical sales over preventative care and maintenance ?

This is a charged issue, and is one that is going to get more and more coverage, because there are a lot of sick people who can cite chemicals as having promoted their illness.

I am a chef; i work with people who have become sick and overweight from the choice of foods that they eat daily – foods which contain synthetic fats, processed foods, chemicals used as preservatives and coloring agents, and hydrogenated fats used to keep textures intact for shelf life. Food is not the only factor, and I also consider their stress, lack of exercise and their attitude towards life as contributing factors in their health. But do we really need all the chemicals in our foods? Especially when we cannot physically process them and after repeated exposure we can become ill?

Who is protecting us from potential long term health issues related to the use of chemicals in our environment? The FDA tries to get there first, the EPA often gets there after there is a problem. And money changes hands faster than decisions can be made for the betterment of the people.

The studies for food and chemical additives are the same as the studies for spraying chemicals to decrease plant growth: these studies are short term and not looking at the cumulative affects of the chemicals. And somehow it seems that there are people who think that the earth i just filtering all of this, and is taking care of the problems. NOT so. Our water sources on Cape Cod are particularly fragile, both for drinking and for fresh water swimming. We cannot afford to lose our access to clean water. And our future generations cannot afford to have us make bad decisions that cannot be easliy undone.

Please vote no on chemical spraying of plants by our power companies.

Dana Dunbar