Containment, Film Festival Favorite


Film Festival Favorite, “Containment”
Coming to Cape Cod Community College
Senator Dan Wolf to Speak

The award winning documentary film Containment, which examines our responsibility to future generations to safely store our tons of radioactive waste, will be shown at the Cape Cod Community College in Barnstable on November 18, at 7:00 PM in the Science Center, Lecture Hall A. This event is free to the public, sponsored by the Pilgrim Legislative Advisory Coalition. State Senator Dan Wolf and Pilgrim Watch Executive Director Mary Lampert will hold a Q & A session after the film.
      The terrible truth is that every watt of atomically generated electric power along with every nuclear weapon produced leaves a trail of deadly waste that will be dangerous to hundreds of future generations. Currently there are approximately 400 reactors worldwide producing 12,000 tons of spent fuel every year.       This film will bring you face to face with a profound duty of our own generation: We must think 10,000 years ahead while locating and designing safe storage procedures, and placing eternal monuments to warn our descendants of the whereabouts of our dangerous nuclear waste.  
      The film also transports us to the far future in graphic novel style, envisioning the many scenarios where radioactive waste site security could be breached. 
      This film is relevant as we currently think about the definition of clean energy in our international quest to reduce carbon emissions.   It clearly demonstrates why the nuclear option is a terrible choice to produce electricity, being the extreme opposite of “clean” energy.