Presentations Given March 3, 2016

In Support of:  Bill of Rights for Barnstable County ~ presentations given on March 3, 2015 

W = Students of CELDF .org (writers of the Bill of Rights) who Wrote the Bill Of Rights 

P = Presenters on March 3, 2016 at The First District Court house for the Assembly o Delegates

R = wrote in and someone else read, to be on the record (R=Read)

                                 W = #13 writers,     P = #18 presenters:

W, P   ~  Laura Kelley, Director POCCA Cape Cod. org, Eastham

W, P   ~  Brian O’Malley, MD, Assembly of Delegates for Provincetown, Provincetown

W, P  ~  Michael Hall, Real Estate broker, Provincetown

W,P  ~  Debra Mcculloch, Organic Farmer, Truro

W,P  ~  Jim Wolf, Owner Cape-Air, Yarmouth

W,P  ~ Lee Roscoe, Writer for local newspapers, Brewster

W, R ~ Matt Cannon, Harwich Conservation Trust, Harwich

W  ~  Zoe Wolf, Yoga Instructor, Harwich

W  ~  James Hild, new Cape Cod resident, Brewster

W  ~  Jim McCauley, President of Orleans Pond Coalition, Orleans

W  ~  Ennie McDonald, Organic Farmer, Wellfleet

W  ~  Michelle Calling, owner of Cape Healthy Homes, Wellfleet

W  ~  Rob Hatch, Stone Mason, Eastham


Other Presenters:

Bruce Taub, Orleans, Lawyer for POCCA

Dennis Manansky, Provincetown

Clare Bergh, Harwich, horse farm owner

Ed DeWitt, APCC

David Karam, Brewster, food growing

Jim Garb, Brewster

Suzanne Bryan, Wellfleet

Rolf Pechukas, Wellfleet

Betsy Smith, Brewster 

Others who wrote but couldn’t be present so I got someone else to READ their supportive letter:

~ Ben deRuyter, Brewster Chair Selectman