For the Team After the Results

Dear Team-

This was a remarkable effort that we put together for the Bill of Rights, and I want to thank you all for how much of a presence you were at these meetings. Reading the transcript of that March 2nd public hearing is like reading a book of stories, that flow from one to another. It is worth a satisfying read. You wove a beautiful tale of testimony… You can find it HERE (on, click on “Bill of Rights”)

And I also want to tell you, that despite losing the vote today, I think we have actually scored a very engaged discussion in the Assembly. This will help build a stronger sense of voice for environmental protection. Having people in the audience will happen when the Assembly is having discussions on real policy. And in exchange, having people more engaged in the process can only help move regional government toward discussion and  policy.

About the vote… my count was 57% yes- 36% no. A delegate in favor was absent (counted as No), but his presence would still not been enough…63.76%  The delegates from Yarmouth (11%) ,Sandwich (10%), Bourne (9%), and Mashpee (6%) voted No. By head count, it was 10-4. Altogether not a bad showing.

We should plan to sustain engagement. The organizing is more important than the specific legislation.

Best, Brian 


Dear BOR Team ~

It is my greatest honor to work with such fine Cape resident who truly care about our community.  Three years ago I had a dream, it has evolved, it is not over yet! 

I am proud of all the presentations brought to light, I’m happy with all others who got involved recently.  We have a good thing and it is going, lets not let it die.  

Unfortunately, the Assembly was not educated enough to understand the importance, our intentions are for the betterment of our livelihoods through time.  

Lets put our thinking caps on and regroup to create a plan B:  How about approaching the Cape Cod Commission with the Bill of Rights for Barnstable County?  What will it take to get it onto the ballot in November? How about signatures, how many would we need?  

I thank you all personally for your efforts and look forward to continuing to see what it takes to have our Bill of Rights come alive.  It is some learning process, isn’t it?  Thanks again, and Cape Cod thanks us all ~ 

All the Growing Best,
Laura  :)