The Concerns:
The highly probable leaching of toxic herbicides into ponds, rivers, wetlands, and well water.
Glyphosate in RoundUp has proven to affect fertility in humans even at very low doses.
These herbicides are deathly harmful to honeybees and other natural pollinators.
Herbicides can kill vegetation around targeted areas for years after application.
EVERSOURCE and MDAR are relying on studies showing these herbicides are “safe,” but this data is over 30 years old and the studies were conducted by the herbicide manufacturers themselves.
MA state testing has been performed for each herbicide alone but the mixture of 5 herbicides suggested for use has not been tested on Cape Cod’s sandy soil.

The Results so far:
By presenting the facts to EVERSOURCE about how fragile Cape Cod’s sandy environment truly is, they granted a moratorium each year for the past four years stating they will not spray herbicides that year. However, due to their recent decision to commence spraying toxic herbicides soon, we would like to convince EVERSOURCE to change their mind and agree to not use herbicides now or any other time in the future.

What You Can Do to Help:
• Send your written, fact-based concerns to EVERSOURCE.
• Picket outside EVERSOURCE headquarters in Hyannis.
• Forward POCCA e-blasts to help educate other Cape Codders of the importance of this issue.
• Recruit people who can help.
• Write letters to local papers.
• Sign the petition HERE
Detailed information on line:
NSTAR YOP Yearly Operational Plan 2013
NSTAR VMP Vegetation Management Plan for 2013 — 2017
You may donate HERE:
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Thank You for Caring About What Herbicides Will Do To Our Environment Here On Cape Cod!