Request for a Hearing

~ Request for a Hearing ~
Available until 12/05/13

According the provisions of 333 CMR 11.09: “Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Department to approve, deny, modify or revoke a VMP or YOP may request an adjudicatory hearing. The request for a hearing must be received by the Department within 21 calendar days after receipt of the decision. The request should state clearly and concisely the facts of the proceeding, the reasons the decision is alleged to be inconsistent with 333 CMR 11.00 and the relief sought by the adjudicatory hearing. The adjudicatory hearing before the Pesticide Board shall be conducted in accordance with the informal rules of adjudicatory proceeding as set forth in M.G.L. c. 30A”.

Lee Corte-Rea is the Secretary to the Pesticide Board, therefore the letter requesting an adjudicatory hearing should be addressed to Lee and include the facts which are inconsistent with 333 CMR 11.00.

You can send this via mail to Lee Corte-Rea at:
251 Causeway St, Suite 500
Boston, Ma 02114

This is an opportunity to stop NSTAR spraying on the land that abuts your land:

Are you willing to write a brief letter asking to halt the spraying because of your circumstance -which you should describe in the appeal letter. Then include a request for Mass Pesticide Board to give you a hearing. Describe your concerns about how spraying will affect your health and/or the use of your property. If you frequent public areas that will be sprayed-such as bike paths, conservation land, etc. please stand up and help protect our land and drinking water. NSTAR contractors have already been spraying in Sandwich and Bourne and plan to spray in the towns listed on the other side of this sheet in 2013. It is up to us to protect our land and preserve our natural resources.

Also please let me know if you are willing to ask for a hearing and we can help.
You must be an abutter.

POCCA Cape Cod
Laura Kelley


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