Current Action

POCCA continues to grow and educate the public in related current areas of environmental protection.
If there is something we can do to help expand awareness of issues affecting our health and safety and the stewardship of our land and water, we will make every effort to reach out!

Action so far:
• POCCA has been working diligently to make sure EVERSOURCE is abiding by the law.
• POCCA has repeatedly obtained agreements signed by boards of selectmen in the Cape Cod towns that    herbicides should not be used by EVERSOURCE on the land under power lines, which is owned by individual    towns.
• POCCA and concerned citizens have presented petitions with over 3,500 signatures to EVERSOURCE.
• POCCA initiated meetings at Massachusetts State House to inform and educate our leaders on the herbicide    issue.
• POCCA Lobbied State Senator Dan Wolf and Representative Sarah Peake to stand strongly against    NSTAR’s Vegetation Management Plan with herbicides, the result being new legislation.

• POCCA has directed public outreach, with events, rallies, presentations and meetings, and coordinated efforts    to contact, call, write and communicate with EVERSOURCE and local, state and federal officials.
• “The People vs. Eversource is a legal path we are pursuing, with Legal Counsel Bruce Taub and POCCA    Executive Team.

Take Action
Help to Stop EVERSOURCE from Spraying Herbicides:

If you would like to see more details, click HERE for the EVERSOURCE YOP 2016 .___________________

1. Contact The Massachusetts State Director of Rights-of-Way Program/Pesticide Bureau

Mike McLean

MDAR Commissioner John Lebeaux
Phone: 617-626-1701.
      Contact the State and tell them you object to the application of herbicides
on NSTAR rights-of-ways, particularly given that safer alternative exist.

2. Contact Mass State Governor and Senator:
~ Governor Charlie Baker: Mass State House. Office of the Governor,
Room 280, Boston, Ma 02133
Phone: 617-725-4005
~ Senator Daniel Wolf: Mass State House.
Room 511B, Boston, Ma 02133
Phone: 617-722-1570
3. Contact EVERSOURCE President and CEO
      Tom May
Phone: 617-424-2527
      Contact NSTAR and let them know you object to the use of herbicides along the Cape’s rights-of-way and that you would like to see a more long-term, sustainable approach to vegetative management. Ask NSTAR to maintain the power line easements the way they have for many years by selective mowing and cutting.
4. Contact your local officials:
Contact town administrators, select boards and town councils, and urge them to remind NSTAR (in a letter and verbally) that almost every Cape Cod town, signed by all Selectmen, have already adopted a resolution opposing the NSTAR spraying.
5.    ‘LIKE’ PoccaCapeCod on FaceBook.
6.    Write your concerns to your local newspaper.
7.    POCCA is seeking a celebrity spokesperson to help raise awareness. Let us know if you or someone you know can help.
8.    The greatest thing you can do is share this website with all of your all your connections to help protect Cape Cod’s drinking water.
9.  Thank you for caring about Cape Cod enough to do something about this.

You may donate HERE:

donate button
to help us with the costs of paying for signs and other expenses, including maintaining this website and all paper work costs: fliers, brochures, rack cards, business cards, posters, paper & ink. All labor on behalf of POCCA is volunteer, we are only seeking to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Thank You for Caring about Cape Cod!  If you would like to send a message,  EMAIL HERE.



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