About Us

POCCA was founded in July 2013 in response to growing concerns about water quality on Cape Cod. The Cape Cod Commission’s Regional Wastewater Management Plan points out that all the towns of Cape Cod share a water table, and many of the Cape’s watersheds straddle more than one town. In other words, waste-water and drinking water problems are a Cape-wide issue, not an issue each town can solve on its own. Several local towns experienced voter rejection of well-planned water infrastructure projects which were deemed unaffordable at the municipal level. We have to work together on a regional level to solve these problems.

POCCA was formed to help disseminate information and help educate the public about the growing problems and possible solutions regarding water management, as well as lobby for tighter controls over pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer use on Cape Cod.

POCCA was started by a group of environmentally conscious and caring Cape residents in order to focus on the protection of our water supply. We are in league with other local, state-wide and national environmental groups and we are all concerned about protecting our precious natural land and water here on the Cape and in the state of Massachusetts, nation-wide and finally, world-wide.

This planet that sustains our life, is not capable of withstanding successive long-term environmental abuses. If you care about your children, and the futures of your children’s children, you will reach an awareness of the fact that what we do now, right now, while we are at a critical point (note: global warming, water pollution, species extinction, etc.) will determine the future of life on Earth, and whether we as a species will actually survive, and whether the planet itself will last long enough for there to be a future for human beings.

The bottom line is, we all know that mercantile concerns have been the utmost pinion of the decision-making processes these last few decades in this country. The uses and abuses of chemical herbicides have a long history in our country and all over the globe. The “Dust Bowl” era was a flagship event, but we did not have the information back then that we have now: the indisputable scientific evidence of the harmful effects of chemicals on our environment, health and future.

It’s time to wake up and pay attention to what needs changing. Please join us and preserve our aquifer for millenniums to come.

Join us, and help to keep Cape Cod a healthy place to live.

P O C C A   E X E C U T I V E   T E A M



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