Click HERE
to read “Beyond Pesticides”

For the list of herbicides go to NSTAR’s VMP Vegetation Management Plan, page 41, a portion of which is shown below:
Picture 3
Accord (glyphosate)
Click HERE for an important summary of the findings regarding glyphosate’s toxicity to human health. 

Arsenal (imazapyr) Begin at Section 3.0 on page 24 of the Imazapyr Risk Assessment, by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, filed in 2009 HERE to read about human health, ecological risk, endangered and sensitive species, and soil activity regarding Imapazyr.  

Escort (metsulfuron methyl) Click HERE for a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment by the USDA Forest Service on the effects of Metsulfuron Methyl on wildlife, birds and trees.

Pyridine (garlon 4, triclopyr)
Click HERE for the summary chapter from the Toxicological Profile for Pyridine, in the class of Organochlorine pesticides, whose carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals have been detected in groundwater, and are known to be toxic to fish and water life. Studies show that these pesticides are also linked to mammary and adrenal tumors.  

Krenite (fosamine ammonium)
See Toxicology Sections A and B: Acute Toxicity, Subacute and Chronic Toxicity from NY’s Pesticide Management Education Program HERE.
Notice required by law alerting property owners whose land abuts Electric or Gas transmission Rights-of-Way that toxic chemicals are scheduled to be applied in the area: (click on the picture to read at full size)
Picture 2


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