Environmental Awareness

Eight Cape Towns Join POCCA’S Mission

The POCCA Team has been educating Cape and Martha’s Vineyard towns to join the mission, and this week eight towns joined!   

Visit our website
to learn more, to make a donation, and forward this email to your friends!

June 19th, 2017

This is what we’ve been up to lately 

Cape Cod Times, June 15th
8 Cape, Vineyard Towns Seek Hearing to Appeal Herbicide Plan 


Interview with Youtuber Titus Frost June 2017


POCCA seeks volunteers, just like us, water keepers of Cape Cod to help get this important message out, to widen our out reach to help lessen our impact.


POCCA has an educational table at local gatherings,
see our calendar for where and when this month ~ volunteers wanted  :)

POCCA is giving open public meetings with simple, cost effective ways to do your part in protecting every day – they are so easy they will amaze you in hopes everyone who hears will incorporate it into their lives as well.

POCCA is teaching in class rooms to kids, opening them up to see what they can to for their community no matter how young or old,
we are in this together.

POCCA is educating Town Boards of Selectmen, Health, Conservation and Water Commissions what they can do to reach the state departments with their concerns, working within the regulations in hopes to change them to a no-spray agreement along power lines.

POCCA requests your support for the two (2) bills by Senator Cyr 
on our mission.  There will be a time this summer to go to the state house and speak as a concerned citizen to support these bills.
We will keep you informed when.

Bill 409: Legislation Relative to Vegetation Management

Bill 412: An Act Relative to the Pesticide Board



POCCA now is working closely with Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR)One of my requests is to receive studies the state relies on for testing the herbicides Eversource uses along our rights-of-ways (ROWs) – so we can see the dates of those tests,
who did the testing and if they are mixed together once and for all.

On Wednesday June 7th our mission was on the Massachusetts Pesticide Advisory Board agenda.
There are 13 members.  They voted to have a meeting in August,
so we will go back again.  And we are on the agenda again Sept 7th
with our request for a year moratorium in 2017.

POCCA has five (5) arguments our Ecotoxicologist
believes will work at the Ajudicatory Hearing.

Our #5 arguments are listed below:

Upcoming POCCA Events!

* Sunday, July 9th 9 to 1pm at Brewster Historical Society Farmers Market
POCCA has an educational table with members so join us!

Thursday, July 13th 6 to 10pm at Truro Vineyards 
Benefit POCCA Celebration with education and dance for our waters
Outdoor live music with The Dirty Water Dance Band

Thursday, July 20th 6 to 9pm at Brewster UU Chruch
No Bees, No Food Lecture and Fundraiser hosted Lower Cape Indivisible 
Laura Kelley is a guest speaker on honeybees and local politics
POCCA has an educational table with members so JOIN US!

Do you think we have a greater responsibility since we live 
above where we drink?  

We continue to push forward even though we have the state overriding the wishes of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard Towns.

Power in numbers will prevail so please join our mission.
Share this with your circles of loved ones.
Thank you for caring.
For more information visit: 


Thank you for doing all you can to lessen your impact
of chemical use above our aquifer every day.
Do you realize the only way we get new water is from rain?
Our drinking water circulates from an aquifer
up through wells to our homes, to our faucets.
Once we flush water down it passes
through a septic system that doesn’t filter,
then it permeates through sandy soil back to our aquifer.
You can visualize our drinking water
circulating up and down and up and down again.  

The less addition of anything toxic
inside or outside our homes matters. 

Do you know Windex is so toxic
you need to wait for toxic waste day to dispose of it properly?
Use vinegar mixed in water to clean windows instead.  

The POCCA Team believes there is a natural remedy for everything
you just need to seek what works best for your situation
and keep trying until you are satisfied with the results –
well worth the effort knowing you’ll be helping
your surrounding natural resource, right?

Thank you for caring.
POCCA President Laura Kelley
POCCA Vice President Natalia Von Hausen



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