Environmental Awareness

Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Approves the Yearly Operational Plan 2017

The YOP 2017 is approved by MDAR

The Yearly Operational Plan (YOP) 2017, written by Eversource, was just approved by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.
This is a sad day.

The YOP lists ten Cape towns and three Martha’s Vineyard towns:

Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Edgartown, Falmouth, Harwich, Oak Bluffs, Orleans, Sandwich, West Tisbury, and Yarmouth.

When all Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard towns have written documents against this happening in their towns over the years,
how can our state over ride their wishes and
allow thousands of gallons of chemicals to be used for
vegetation management along Rights-of-way power lines?

This is our land.  These are our natural resources. 
The POCCA team believes this is very short-sided thinking on MDAR’s part
and we are more than disappointed in seeing this decision at this time.
MDAR is disregarding the health of our resources by approving the YOP.

Click on link below to see the document written by
MDAR to Eversource approving the YOP:  

MDAR Approval Letter to Eversource (PDF)

We must do all we can to stop this!
Power in numbers will prevail.

If this news makes you uncomfortable, feel free to complain to:
Clayton Edwards
ROW Coordinator
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
Pesticide Division

(617) 626-1782

WHERE WE DRINK FROM ON CAPE COD:98767be1-211c-4f44-a8c9-517ca016c209

Help protect them!

  Join the mission with POCCA by educating your neighbors and loved ones.  Share this important information.  It is up to us now.
POCCA Calendar updates:

May 30th:  Legal Strategy Meeting
Brewster Town Hall
Outreach to all cape towns and MV towns

June 5th:  Board of Health Meeting in Falmouth 
7:30pm  Falmouth Town hall
POCCA is on the agenda

June 6th:  Wellfleet Municipal Water Supply meeting
6pm Wellfleet Town Hall
POCCA is on the agenda

June 7th:  Massachusetts Pesticide State Board meeting
at the Mass state house in Boston
Attorney, Bruce Taub, will be speaking

July 12th:   POCCA outdoor dance event ~
6pm to 10pm at  Truro Vineyards
With The Dirty Water Dance Band!!!

July 30th:  Bee Fundraiser for Environmental Massachusetts
6pm UU Church in Brewster
POCCA will be giving the main presentation
On Honeybees and the importance of clean waters

~ It’s time to become more self-sufficient ~

Do you have a vegetable garden?
It’s fun to grow your own food with love and it tastes much better too!
Visit your local farmers market and pick up some good sounding tomato plants, add a basil plant at the base for better flavor, put them in a large pot, water daily and see how tasty they are!
It’s fun and easy to grow your own food!  

Do you have solar on your roof?  Why not?
Would you like to see $0 electric bills and
start the process of becoming independent of the grid?
With the price of residential and commercial solar decreasing,
consider switching over to solar.
The incentives and the solar loan programs
through the state are at an all time high!

For more information contact POCCA’s VP, Natalia von Hausen, at nvonhausen@cleanenergydesign.com or 7742122171.

There is no reason to use chemicals to grow lawns, gardens or food.
Use Espoma for fertilizer if you want a bit of organic food
but compost is the best food source you can feed your land.
Top dress your lawns and gardens with compost soon and
then there is no need to fertilize this year again.
Do not use man-made synthetic fertilizers, they bring harm to ponds and bays.

We have a greater responsibility
living above where we drink. 

Thank you for doing all you can to lessen your impact

of chemical use above our aquifer every day.


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