Environmental Awareness

Chatham Joins the hearing with MDAR!

POCCA is Mobilizing our Community. 


See for yourself how important this is for all of us!
Please get involved by joining POCCA’s mission.

May 9th: Interview on WOMR
 May 16th: Chatham Board of Selectmen Meeting Video

May 17th: POCCA Mentioned in Cape Cod Chronicle,
Chatham Joins Legal Battle Over Eversource Spraying


Organic fertilizers are the way to go:
Do not use man-made synthetic fertilizers on your land, you can grow lawns and flowers and food without chemicals!  Use Espoma products to feed your land organically.

Local BeeKeeping:
Visit Barnstable County BeeKeepers Association (BCBA)
and see how much fun it is to become a local beekeeper.
I joined in 1999 and love keeping honeybees!
My two new hives are doing great!  Lets hope for as much natural pollination as possible  :)

Help native pollinators:
We all should get bat houses and butterfly houses to help our pollinators.
As you know bats are mosquito eaters, and ladybugs are meat eaters
so once it’s 60 degrees they would love to survive here.

It is a big year for ticks:
More and more people are getting Lymes.
At Great Cape Herbs in Brewster on 6A there are natural ways
to help build up your own immune system to help you when/if you ever get bit.
Lyme 1 and Lyme 2 for if you get bit by a tick.  Go in and learn more.
I’m on Lyme 1 and feel good knowing it’s helping me.

How do you lessen your impact above our aquifer?
How do you affect our drinking water?
Every day we try to do more, we hope you do too.

Cheers to our drinking water!

Please join us on July 13th at Truro Vineyards to continue to educate and support our precious home and community on Cape Cod. 

Pass this email onto your circles of friends ~
We are all in this together!
We can do more unified :)



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