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New Bills To Protect Our Water Supply – Senator Julian Cyr

Senator Cyr Files 2 Bills to Protect Our Water!

Freshman State Senator Julian Cyr has stepped up to the plate and filed two bills that, if enacted, would help protect our water supply on Cape Cod and improve the health of our citizens and our environment.

Senate bill SD.1259 would require any public utility, state agency or authority that maintains a right-of-way through a municipality or through property under the control of a water district to offer a no-spray agreement, with reasonable provisions, for the municipality or water district to consider if it desires.  There would be a negotiation between the utility and the town, and if no agreement were reached WITHIN A CERTAIN NUMBER OF MONTHS then the utility could spray.  It would be up to the municipality to perform vegetation control by alternate methods, although not to bear the cost.

SD.1841 is an amendment to another bill.  It would require consultation and agreement between the Commissioner of Food and Agriculture and the Commissioners of Public Health and Environmental Protection on decisions relative to the protection of groundwater sources of drinking water from contamination by pesticides.

POCCA believes that both of these bills merit support.

To read them in full visit:  www.poccacapecod.org  and click on “current action” or https://poccacapecod.org/action/two-new-bills/

If you live in Senator Cyr’s district, please email him at  Julian.Cyr@masenate.gov  to thank him for filing these bills.  If you live in another Senator’s district, please write your Senator asking him or her to sign on to these two bills as a co-sponsor and to support them during the legislative process.  You can find the addresses of other Massachusetts legislators HERE.

There will be a hearing in the coming months for those who can make a trip to the State House and speak in behalf of these bills in person to representatives making decisions it would be most helpful.  Another way for you to help is to write in support of these bills during the comment period.  The POCCA team will let you know when the time comes for these actions.

Your efforts are important on this issue!  And ask your friends to contact their State Senators to support these bills as well.  Our legislators listen to their constituents, and it doesn’t take too many of us to get their attention.   

I look forward to continuing to work closely with Senator Cyr, Senator deMacedo, our Cape Representatives, and fellow Cape citizens to help our mission.  It takes a village.

The POCCA team was extremely impressed by the amazing turn out of people walking for women around the world recently.  Bless all involved, it will never to be forgotten.

Happy New Year all.


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