Environmental Awareness

Rediscover Yourself

Become the best YOU!  Give yourself this gift ~

Reach to attain a deeper personal experience with yourself.  Your thoughts and actions have a HUGE impact on your life.

Why is it so hard to take good care of ourselves?
Balance, awareness, simplicity, compassion — we strive for them but can we sustain them?

Just as a muscle grows by using it, you can expand your awareness to the deepest level of yourself.  Let it grow exponentially to nourish what your heart loves and to thrive there.

·         If you could see how important you are to our home, the Earth, would you treat yourself better?

·         If you could treat yourself to the highest quality foods and products, would you?

·        If you bought less and surrounded yourself with only what makes you happy, would you?

·        If you could slow down and enjoy quiet moments more, would you?

Well, why don’t you?   The way you treat yourself is the way you treat the Earth.

Experiencing different thoughts changes you.  Go through some letting go, throw out old ways, reconnect with nature, embrace change, support your new thoughts and develop better habits that will become your style of life every day.

~ Reduce stress by treating yourself kindly.
~ Change your mindset to get rid of thoughts in the way of realizing your true self.
~ Clear out bad habits that don’t suit you anymore.

Tackle sorting ‘stuff’ around you that does not have a positive effect on you anymore.  Develop new routines that allow you to feel better about yourself:  *  walk daily  *  buy from local farmers markets  *  eat higher quality food  *  recycle 100%  *  smile more :)  *  give back to your community  *  stand up for what you believe in  *  support local artists  *  educate kids  *  reuse clothes  *  don’t purchase plastic  *  bring a mug for hot or cold drinks  *  ride a bike  *  cleanse your life *

Raise your level of awareness to where you realize you make a huge difference every day.  Redesign your ways and understand the choices you make for yourself, because you matter in nature.

Reach within yourself slowly & gently in ways that lead to lasting change.  Peel away layers that got you out of balance in the first place, within you and within your home.

The quest for well-being starts as soon as you shift your awareness to a deeper understanding of what you’ve allowed around you.

So nourish yourself to extreme self-care every day.  Become non-toxic inside and outside of your body and home.  There is always more you can do to better yourself, right?

Now is the time to take better care of yourself, and thus you will be taking better care of the Earth.
~ Your body is a reflection of your mind ~
Laura Kelley, President POCCA Cape Cod



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