Environmental Awareness / toxic chemicals

The Glyphosate Diet

Have you heard of the Glyphosate Diet?  It’s off the charts!!

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup, a weed killer that’s been used world-wide for 40 years and is now in drinking water and many foods.  This is one of several herbicides Eversource has used to kill plants under power lines throughout Cape Cod.

Recent research shows that high levels of glyphosate are now found in Cheerios, and it is also showing up in other popular cereals, crackers, cookies and chips.  In 2013, GMO’s were removed from Cheerios, which is great, but now glyphosate levels in Cheerios are so high they are unacceptable!

The EPA now allows large amounts of glyphosate to be used on crops like wheat, oats, corn and barley just before harvesting.  This toxic application of glyphosate actually kills the crop, which makes the harvesting easier.  Ironically, while many other countries are banning the use of glyphosate, here the EPA now allows up to 200% more Roundup on foods than it has in the past!  And when the harvested grain makes it to your table, it carries the glyphosate along with it.

What is a safe level?  There are no safe levels of pesticides inside people.  Remember, glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor and a probable human carcinogen according to the World Health Organization.  Glyphosate also harms gut flora, killing beneficial bacteria and causing digestive problems over time.

Monsanto stated glyphosate will not enter into people since it does not leach out of the plant itself – ooops.   Glyphosate is found in unborn children and in drinking water; how did it get there?

What is the EPA doing to protect people?  Not much.  The EPA relies on Monsanto’s data from studies they did on glyphosate, but these studies are decades out of date.  Newer studies, not done by Monsanto, tell a very different and more worrisome story about glyphosate toxicity.

Who suffers the most?  Those who eat Cheerios, especially many young children, as well as the other glyphosate-contaminated foods.

What can we do about it?  Shop differently, don’t purchase Cheerios or any product from Monsanto or you’ll be supporting them.

Of course there’s a difference between spraying glyphosate directly on crops that people eat and Eversource spraying it on rights-of-way under their power lines or homeowners and golf courses spraying it on lawns. But if glyphosate leaches into our only aquifer, it can be impossible to remove. We could be relying on bottled water for all our drinking and cooking needs forever!

Reach out to your local Health Department with your concerns to protect Cape Cod’s drinking water from being contaminated.  It is time to try to ban Roundup from local towns by demanding it be not sold at local garden centers and hardware stores so it cannot be purchased or used on land on Cape Cod by homeowners or business owners or landscapers.  This is for the water we drink.

It is up to us to care for our aquifer on Cape Cod.  Thank you for doing the right things to help.

All The Growing Best

Laura Kelley

President POCCA Cape Cod



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