Environmental Awareness

A Time for Change

Have you been hearing a lot lately about the need for change?  What can one person actually do to make a difference?  Well indeed, that happens to be the sole solution to a healthier balance on Earth now.

IF each one of us made wise choices to support natural resources instead of harming them, over time the cumulative effect would keep our drinking water drinkable, the oysters we enjoy edible, the bees we need for our crops alive and happy, and butterflies and bats, too!

Every day we make many decisions that will either help or harm Earth’s balance.  Where you go to restaurants, purchase food, buy clothes, get presents, even choosing solar over nuclear matters more now than ever.

Fortunately, there are many things ONE person can do to help the environment!

 Treat your dollar as your vote – where you purchase does matter:

1)     Change shopping habits:  Don’t return to chain stores or you’ll be building up Monsanto and other large corporations.
2)     Buy from local farmers markets:  You’ll be happily surprised at the variety of real foods, wine, cheese, breads, meats, seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and honey that are available in our community!  Bring foods home and freeze them fresh to simplify meal making.
3)    Purchase local crafts:  There are many creative and affordable gifts near by, seek them out and support your local artisans.
4)     Recycle 100%:   The forethought here is to not buy what won’t break down naturally.  Nonetheless, transfer stations are set up to reuse most unused materials, so separate everything according to what your town has to offer.  Do you realize all waste in nature becomes food?  What a concept to live by!
5)    Protect our aquifer:  Remember that whatever goes down your sinks and into your land will enter the aquifer.  The less toxic we are today means the longer we have drinkable water.

The whole point is to keep your money circulating locally!  This builds our economy, creating local jobs instead of helping the corporate world grow.

Live locally, rely on local fare and reach out in your community to help because if things go off balance in the future, it will be community support on a grass roots level that gets us through the uncertain times.  So shake the hand of the farmers who feed you now, you may need to know them in the future to feed your loved ones.

What is the image you have of the future?  This vision comes true with the choices YOU make every day, and doing nothing can be harmful.  The choices you make matter, you matter, so do your part and take even more responsibility.

INDEED, you matter in nature more now than ever.
INDEED, it is your change that will change the world again.

Laura Kelley, President
POCCA Cape Cod


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