Environmental Awareness

Hello Fellow Cape Codders and beyond

Since the State approved Eversource’s Yearly Operational Plan to use herbicides to control vegetation along their power lines this fall, the four Cape towns that are challenging this ruling –Brewster, Dennis, Eastham and Orleans — have succeeded in obtaining a date for a Pre-Hearing Conference before the Division of Administrative Law Appeals. THIS IS A MAJOR STEP FORWARD!! Attorney Bruce Taub will represent all four towns, and we have secured a top toxicologist to testify at this Hearing. We applaud the towns’ efforts to pursue this matter and to prevent Eversource from using herbicides in this way ever again on Cape Cod. Now POCCA needs your help to raise awareness and lend support to this mission to protect our only aquifer!

The POCCA Team has three key actions for us ALL OF US to do at this critical time. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW! Please take the following simple steps to help prevent unnecessary use of thousands of gallons of herbicides by Eversource along power lines on Cape Cod.

These can all be completed on our web site: http://www.poccacapecod.org

1 – Sign the petition .
2 – Forward this email to all of your Cape contacts to help this mission succeed.

3 – Donations to POCCA Cape Cod at this time would be most helpful, even if small. Click on the DONATE button on web site which brings you to PayPal, or send a check made out to: “POCCA Cape Cod” and mail to: PO Box 17, N. Eastham, MA 02651. Thank you for reaching deep into your pockets, for if each of us donated even $25 it would help us spread the word and keep this momentum going.

THANK YOU all for your participation. It will be power in numbers that makes this whole mission successful. With greater outreach, we have a better chance of achieving our goal of protecting the water we drink, our sole source aquifer, and our entire environment.

All The Growing Best,
Laura Kelley, President
POCCA Cape Cod


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