Environmental Awareness

Eversource Update, August 2016

Hello POCCA members and supporters,

It’s been a busy few weeks, and I want to bring you up to date on what’s been going on.

  • Eversource submitted it’s Yearly Operational Plan (YOP) to the MA Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) and on July 15 MDAR approved the use of herbicides for vegetation management along power lines in 8 Cape Cod towns and Martha’s Vineyard this year.
  • There was a 21 day window for an ‘aggrieved party’ to request an Adjudicatory Hearing with MDAR.  Our friends in 4 Cape towns, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Dennis, working with POCCA, have requested such a hearing.
  • MDAR has honored that request and has taken the next step by referring the matter to the Division of Administrative Law Appeals.  We eagerly await a date for the Adjudicatory Hearing.
  • In the meantime Eversource moves forward to spray unnecessary chemicals above our aquifer, when they could go back to pruning and mowing.

Do power transmission lines run through your property?  If so, send a copy of the Easement to the Deed of your land to Attorney Bruce Taub: 
lawyer@brucetaub.net or mail it to POCCA at the address at the bottom of this email.  We need the exact wording in deeds on how overgrowth is managed, either through mechanical methods, hand pruning, or with the use of chemicals.

REMEMBER to go to our website to sign our petition that goes to MA Attorney General Maura Healey and to William Hayes of Eversource.

ALSO on our website you can join our mailing list for weekly updates and send this to your circle of friends and loved ones, for we are all in this together. We all drink from the same aquifer ~ it is up to us to protect it. Eversource and MDAR sure aren’t!

If you have any questions or thoughts on the matter please email me at:  l.kelley@poccacapecod.org

THANK YOU for doing all you can to help limit the use of these toxic chemicals in our environment.

Cheers to our drinking water!
Laura Kelley, President
POCCA Cape Cod


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