Environmental Awareness

James Garb’s Letter to Michael McClean

Dear Mr. McClean,
I am writing you to express my displeasure with Eversource’s plans to once again spray toxic herbicides under its power lines on Cape Cod. As a physician board certified in internal medicine and preventive medicine specializing in occupational and environmental health issues, this practice is of great concern to me. 
With our sole source aquifer, the Cape’s environment is fragile. The adjuvant chemicals added to Roundup increase the toxicity of glyphosate by a factor of 1,000.  Glyphosate is thought to increase the risk of breast cancer, which is significantly elevated on the Cape. 
All fifteen Cape Cod towns have expressed their disapproval of this method of controlling vegetation.  There clearly are other safer methods available to do the job – cutting and mowing.  I believe the State should step in and ban the use of herbicides in this manner on the Cape. 
Eversource’s refusal to listen to its customers’ well founded concerns shows a callous disregard for them.  Although I fully understand their need to maintain the rights of way beneath their power lines, using less toxic methods would be the prudent thing to do for the sake of the health and welfare of residents of Cape Cod.
Thank you for your consideration of this matter that is of extreme importance to the 225,000 year round residents of Cape Cod.

James R. Garb, MD

James R. Garb, MD



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