Environmental Awareness

Letter from The Provincetown Director of Public Works

To Michael McClean, Director of Massachusetts Rights-of-Way Program
251 Causeway St. – Suite 500
Boston, Ma 02114

Mr. McClean:
For the past 12 years the Town of Provincetown has worked extremely hard to deliver clean potable water to our residents and neighboring Truro residents. We have endured numerous engineering studies to determine a suitable location for a new well field that will deliver a sustainable water supply for years to come. With the help of USDA we have been able to design, build, and soon put into operation a new state of the art water treatment building. This filter building comes at the heel of many years of aquifer modeling to determine where it would be best to install a new well field. This modeling was used to locate an area of low nitrogen level and minimal salt water intrusion. It was clear from data that not many areas exist on the Outer Cape for potable water supply purposes.
We need to protect our aquifers more than ever and I urge you to suspend NSTAR’s herbicide operation. The issue is so important to the Town of Provincetown that we treat all our town owned lands naturally and free of any herbicides. An irresponsible decision now use could affect the future sustainable living we are fortunate to have. We would be willing to share the results of our studies but at a minimum I would hope you do some research into the sensitivity of this area.
Richard J. Waldo, P.E.
Town of Provincetown
Department of Public Works – Director
2 Mayflower St. – Room 74
Mail:  260 Commercial St.
Provincetown MA  02657
Phone 508-487-7060
Fax 508-487-4675
Email :  rwaldo@provincetown-ma.gov


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