Environmental Awareness

Co-Sign This Important Letter

As you know, many of us on Cape Cod are trying to have the state deny NSTAR’s request to spray herbicides along their rights-of-way throughout the Cape. On November 15, 2013, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources approved NSTAR’s plan for 2013 and NSTAR immediately started spraying. We’re now responding to their proposed plan for 2014, with a slightly different tactic.
For the previous plan, many individuals and organizations sent comments into MDAR, with no effect. MDAR simply approved NSTAR’s plan and did not in any way respond to or even acknowledge the comments.
For the current plan, we’re trying to put together a broader, community-based effort. We’ve drafted the attached letter and we’ve been asking  organizations, businesses and individuals to join as co-signers. We’ve been getting excellent traction!  The letter is below and attached as a document:

The best thing anyone can do to help stop NSTAR spraying right now is:
1. Co-sign the attached letter by sending a quick email to: poccacapecod@gmail.com with the correct spelling of your name, title and  business or organization.
2. Also, write a comment of your own giving a fact-based reason why using herbicides along power lines on Cape Cod are harmful and send it to:
MDAR, Michael McClean: 
Mass. Dept. of Agricultural Resources

Email: michael.mcclean@state.ma.us
251 Causeway St. – Suite 500
Boston, Ma 02114
Phone: 617-626-1781

For more information about what to write or where to send please go to:  Send A Letter

Our state Senator Dan Wolf, has taken the lead on this and he informed us that MDAR has extended the comment period until February 18, 2014. We’re hoping the extra time will help us continue to gain momentum and, at the same time, help more of the general public know about the risks of these chemical herbicides.

Thank you for being a part of this matter and co-signing the attached letter. It is another way to show our community is against the use of herbicides on the 2014 Yearly Operational Plan by NSTAR.  We appreciate you sending this email to any and all of your connections to broaden the outreach of awareness on this unfortunate issue that we all must face head on.

POCCA Cape Cod
Protect Our Cape Cod Aquifer
Help protect our Quality of Life 
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