Environmental Awareness

ON MDAR’s Decision and NSTAR’s Go-Ahead-and-Spray Plans

In response to MDAR approving NSTAR’s Operational Plans for Spraying Herbicides:
I am disappointed in the system we all live by.
“We the People” does not apply.

~Bertrand Russell

Despite the opposition of a community, agencies and corporations continue to harm rather than help.
Most of us would never opt to bring any sort of harm to the health of other people, animals, plants or natural resources.
Do the utility providers and government agencies believe in preserving life?
If they truly did, then their brains would would make the connection to the very real dangers involved and they would be working to protect their own and their customers’ well-being before blindly acting on ill-advised approvals, they would weigh in on environmental and health betterment as a whole, instead of opting for gain at the cost of public health. Bottom line, it is insane.

Scientists have proven these toxic chemical herbicides are endocrine disruptors yet it will take 6 to 12 years before laws will shift according to the facts we present today.

But, we are talking about complex and difficult changes in the established system.
So what’s wrong?
People need a better way of thinking!
We’ve got to connect the dots and realize there is an effect that results from our decisions and actions.
Who will be held accountable if the coming generations of children are born with predisposed diseases and malformations?
We should remember what happened with agent orange, another poison that was used with full governmental approval.
Why aren’t we learning from history?
Because our society systematically has become corrupted by distorted values. We can’t see straight. We are pummeled by media and advertisement bought and paid for by the financially powerful sectors. Those in powerful and leadership positions are blinded.
Why must we repeat mistakes from our past?
Because we haven’t learned from it yet. Because we find it simpler to stick our heads in the sand.
Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

RoundUp is considered a contraceptive. That’s how harmful it is to our cells:
See this important article:
Monsanto and Global population control Strikes again!
Roundup: The Sneaky and Cheap Contraceptive Hiding
in Your Food!
Read article HERE.1394432_10201640233460106_2098529754_n
And also, click HERE for an article article by Shicana Allen, health, environmental and food safety writer for over 20 years, based on the work of Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a Research Scientist at MIT, and posted by the Institute for Responsible Technology.

What’s going on here? Big businesses who work hand in hand with government agencies respond to each others particular needs from a strictly monetary standpoint, neglecting important facts and dismissing public outcry.

As a helpful leader in educating NSTAR and MDAR in the matter of herbicide dangers for 4 consecutive years, I am disappointed in the decision — to choose not to listen to a whole community and to press forward without consideration for the future is appallingly short-sighted. POCCA will continue to fight the good fight and move to bring facts and proof forward. This is not over, this is just one battle.

Now is the time to express how we feel versus what we know.
How does this make you feel?
How does NSTAR being allowed to spray herbicides through the backbone of Cape Cod make you feel? Will you feel safe while drinking water here? Do you feel the system is here to protect we the people?

You live here. Get involved.

Laura Kelley, POCCA Director

“When Columbus lived, people thought that the earth was flat. They believed the Atlantic Ocean to be filled with monsters large enough to devour their ships, and with fearful waterfalls over which their frail vessels would plunge to destruction. Columbus had to fight these foolish beliefs in order to get men to sail with him. He felt sure the earth was round.”

-Emma Miler Bolenius, American Schoolbook Author, 1919

Go HERE and scroll down to see the facts that were disbelieved about the earth being round.


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