Environmental Awareness

Letter from POCCA Advisor, James Hild

James Hild, who comes with an impressive background in computer engineering and leadership in the educational and religious sectors, is an esteemed member of POCCA’s Advisory Board. James helps provide a solid backbone to POCCA’s organization, with his unique and well-organized perspective on the functional and responsible aspects of an organization, and we are proud to present his letter to Michael McClean of the State Pesticide Bureau.

To: Michael McClean
Director of Rights of Way Program
Mass. Dept. of Agricultural Resources


I would like to echo the concerns of many on Cape Cod as to the use of herbicides in controlling vegetation under Nstar’s power lines. I am aware of several detailed letters (emails) that have been sent to you stating the documented hazards of using herbicides and pesticides pointing to the real toxic nature of their use. It is clear to me that Nstar is not listening to Cape Coders who are very concerned about the consequences of spraying these herbicides. Our water supply is very fragile and is being attacked by several sources of pollution and toxicity. Nstar’s desire to use herbicides is one source that we can stop before it is too late. Please tell Nstar to stop from spraying herbicides until these chemicals they are proposing are completely vetted and their toxic consequences are thoroughly understood.


James Hild, POCCA advisory board.


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