Environmental Awareness

Letter from Laura Kelley, Director of POCCA, to MDAR

Hello Michael ~

There is much opposition going on throughout Cape Cod against NSTAR spraying herbicides this year and beyond. There are other options for NSTAR to maintain vegetation along power lines. Considering Cape Cod has an Aquifer below it, it should be exempt from herbicidal applications. Cape Cod is a unique environment and should be treated as such. NSTAR can become the leaders in this matter, if they decide to refrain from selective spraying and seek alternative solutions. There are other successful answers that are cost effective. Please allow a time and place for this discussion before allowing herbicides as the way to protecting electric lines.

In a time when The Cape Cod Commission is reducing fertilizer use on Cape Cod and they are creating ways to lessen Nitrogen with the 208 Waste Water planning, it is counter productive to allow NSTAR to add more to the mix. We will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to lessen chemicals while NSTAR would be adding more, does that make sense? We plan to educate residents and business owners they to are impacting our natural resources every day. Everyone can do better, now is the time for educating us all that there are more simple solutions already available that cost are effective and successful.  

Attached are 14 out of 15 town documents in their own words why they don’t want NSTAR to spray herbicides this year or beyond.  Please read: Brewster, they are the leaders in this, Dennis – speaks about soil biology, Yarmouth – speaks of economics versus human health, Eastham – strong words, Barnstable – strongly against.  

Thank you for taking the time to see what the message is from Cape Cod as a community itself is stating about this issue. We are seeking other answers and NSTAR should as well. This is the beginning of a huge wave of change for us all. Thank you for allowing more time in this matter and for doing all you can to stop NSTAR from this method in Barnstable County.

Considering we don’t know the effects of mixing herbicides, we’ve got to advocate The Precautionary Principle in this case to protect the health of all living things on Cape Cod. Thank you Michael for helping us in this situation. At this point all we are asking for is more time so please don’t allow NSTAR the green light this Fall.  

Thank you for taking these comments into high consideration. It is our lives and we’ve got to live with the consequences no matter what. We’d prefer to feel protected by MDAR.  

Laura Kelley, Director
POCCA Cape Cod




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