Environmental Awareness

Letter to State Pesticide Bureau from Jim McCauley, Co-founder of PharmEcology

Jim McCauley is an honored member of POCCA’s Advisory Board, and co-founder of PharmEcology, an organization who changed history through their drive to improve practices in pharmaceutical waste disposal from methods hazardous to health and the environment to a successful clean system designed to dispose waste in a way that reduces the harm to land, water, wildlife and human beings. PharmEcology’s strategies continue to raise the standards in pharmaceutical waste management.

What Jim has written here reflects an in-depth understanding of the issues being faced on both sides of the NSTAR herbicide question. His presentation, information and conclusions are remarkable. Jim helps POCCA move forward to make needed changes with ecological awareness, communicating issues across the board through all required agencies and officials, in association with people, grassroots and governmental organizations, and through his insight comes this exceptionally well-written document.

Click HERE for Jim McCauley’s Letter to Michael McClean of the Massachusetts State Pesticide Bureau.


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