Environmental Awareness

The Harwich Board of Selectmen

“The Harwich Board of Selectmen once again requests that NSTAR abandon its current plan to use herbicides along rights-of-way on Cape Cod and commit to a NO SPRAY, PESTICIDE-Free Policy of Vegetation management on Cape Cod and the Islands.

It is our understanding that between 2004 and 2007, NSTAR began spraying pesticides on Cape Cod along rights-of-way. Residents of Cape Cod learned of these pesticide plans when NSTAR filed a new Vegetation Management Plan in 2008. Following months of public outcry and delay, NSTAR agreed to a moratorium on herbicide spraying through the end of 2010. It did so again, through 2012.

It is our understanding that in 2013 they intend to begin spraying once again. These herbicides threaten public health, the environment and precious drinking water resources on Cape Cod. We the undersigned town, oppose pesticide use along rights-of-way on Cape Cod, and ask that NSTAR commit to a no-spray, herbicide-free policy on Cape Cod rights of way for the following reasons:”

Please click on the letter below to read in full at a larger size.



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