Environmental Awareness

The Dennis Board of Selectmen

“Dear Mr. Michael McClean:

I write at the request of the Dennis Board of Selectmen to request that you permanently eliminate the broad-scale use of herbicides as an acceptable vegetation management practice in the management of your right of ways. The Board believes it is important for NSTAR to step back and take a hard look at its Rights-of-Way Management.

The top few inches of soil on Cape Cod is living, breathing, and life-sustaining. Living soil is responsible for filtering our entire water supply on Cape Cod. Living soil retains carbon, thus reducing the effects of global warming. Native small trees and shrubs provide cover for living soil. The trees and shrubs release clean oxygen into our atmosphere. In the past NSTAR has demonstrated responsible and sustainable management practices regarding power line easements with selective cutting and mowing. These practices protect the soils capability to filter our water supply rather than kill it by the application of pesticides and herbicides which leach toxins into our finite water supply, toxins that harm the health of residents along with native plants and wildlife species.”

Please click on the letter below to read in full at a larger size.


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