Action Alerts

Hello Cape Codders and Beyond
__ EVERSOURCE gave MDAR their YOP, Yearly Operational Plan 2017, and these 10 Cape towns, and three Martha’s Vineyard towns, are listed to have up to 5 herbicides applied in 2017.

Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Falmouth, Harwich, Orleans, Sandwich, and Yarmouth.

Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury

IF YOU ARE AN ABUTTER CALL William Hayes, Senior Arborist, 781-441-3932 ASAP!!!
Give your name, address, phone number and state you want to be exempt from herbicidal applications this year.

Stake your wells, bring toys and plants inside, close windows of automobiles and homes, do not walk on power lines for weeks, dedicate a pair of shoes to use if you walk on power lines and don’t bring them indoors or herbicides will get onto rugs or carpets then potentially onto your pets or kids.  Tell your neighbors! Knock on their door, let them know they can contact Eversource to become exempt this year.
Thank you for reaching out!


Thank you for doing all you can to protect our drinking water and for caring enough about the land we all love to do something about this important issue and resending this email to your loved ones.
It is up to us to care for our beloved Cape Cod and our natural resources.
All The Growing Best,
Laura Kelley,
Director, POCCA Cape Cod